Wednesday, September 18, 2013

What Information is On a 3 Score Credit Report?

A 3 score credit report contains a great deal of important information for you about your finances. It is helpful to understand the types of information on a 3 score credit report so you will know what you are looking at and how to read the report in a way that gives you the data you need about your credit status.

Basic Information on a 3 Score Credit Report 


A 3 scorecredit report contains information on all of the different types of credit you have outstanding in your name including your mortgage loans; any credit cards you have; student loans; personal loans and other things you have borrowed money for.  The credit report also has information on your history of payments for the different kinds of credit you have; on any public records or judgments against you; and on the average age of your cards. Your credit utilization information is detailed on the credit report, as is your credit score.  

Your Credit Score On Your Report 

The 3 score credit report is going to contain a lot of information with all of the details about each account you have. However, the most important thing on your report is the score from each of the major credit bureaus.  The score is a three-digit number that provides a snapshot of all that most lenders and landlords need to know.  Most lenders look only or primarily at the score and if it is great (above around 720) then you get a favorable interest rate and loan approval while if it is bad, you may get denied or pay a lot to borrow.

Why a 3 Score Credit Report Instead of Just a Single Report 

While any credit report and score you order is going to have your three-digit score and your credit data, a 3 score credit report is special because it summarizes the information from Equifax®, Experian® and TransUnion®. These are the three major credit bureaus in the U.S. and chances are that every lender or everyone who looks at your credit is getting a report from one of these three.  

By having a single report providing information from all 3, you will always know where you stand as far as your credit and you can quickly catch mistakes, discrepancies or errors that may exist on just one of the reports but not all three.  This is a big benefit since your credit score is so important to your finances.  

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