Thursday, November 14, 2013

How Do You Check Your 3in1 Credit Reports?

Since there are three major credit reporting agencies in the United States that keep data on consumers, you need to check your 3in1 credit reports regularly.  This will ensure that you know what each of the credit bureaus is telling lenders about you.  Fortunately, checking your 3in1 credit reports is easy.

You Can Order a 3in1 Credit Report

One option to check your 3in1 credit reports is to simply pay a fee and order this report one time.  By doing this, you can get a snapshot into what is on your reports with each of the credit reporting agencies.  You can also see what your score is.  This is simple and allows you to take a quick glance at your credit to look for mistakes, signs of identity theft or red flags that could make a lender less likely to let you borrow money at a favorable rate.

You Could Sign Up for a Service That Offers a 3in1 Credit Report

The problem with just ordering your reports one time is that your credit information is constantly changing, and the information being reported about you does not stand still.  Each time a month passes, creditors report new information about your debts, your payment history and your outstanding balance.  New information is also reported if you apply for new credit (or if someone has taken your identity and applied for new credit in your name).

Because your credit report and score is constantly subject to change, it is a better idea to use a service that lets you see 3in1 credit reports regularly.  This way, you can monitor whether any new mistakes have shown up and whether anyone has borrowed money in your name without your knowledge.  You can also see how actions you have taken, such as repaying debt, have impacted your credit score.

Get Started and Order Your Report Today

One option you have is to order 3in1 credit reports and have access each month by using a service such as IDENTITY GUARD® Platinum.  Visit Credit Report 123 today to learn more about how this type of service can be helpful to you and to learn how to get the process started of checking out your credit reports and scores.

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