Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Why Check Your Child’s 3 Score Credit Report

Most adults know they need to check their 3 score credit report so that they can find out information about how their creditors are reporting on their debt and borrowing habits to each of the major credit bureaus. However, many adults may not be aware of the fact that it is also a good idea to check their children’s credit reports… even if their kids don’t have credit.  So, why check all 3 credit reports under your child’s name? There are a lot of good reasons to do so.

Check your Child’s 3 Score Credit Report for Mistaken Information

Your child may not actually have credit in his or her name yet, but that does not mean that someone else doesn’t have a similar name and a lengthy credit history.  It is not uncommon for mistakes to be made and for the wrong information to be reported on someone’s credit report. If you check all 3 credit reports for your child, you will be able to catch any mistakes that are made by any of the credit reporting agencies. You can then contact the agency and get the incorrect information removed from your child’s report so he won’t start out life with a credit report that has someone else’s data on it.

Check All 3 Credit Reports For Signs of Identity Theft

Checking your child’s credit report is also a good idea because kids, like adults, can become the victim of an identity thief. It is important that you catch an identity thief as quickly as possible so that you can notify the appropriate authorities and so you can make sure that creditors don’t negative information about your child or even try to take action to collect from your child for debts that an identity thief incurred.  Checking your child’s credit reports lets you quickly see if someone has opened an account in your child’s name so you can take swift action.

Check Your Child’s 3 Score Credit Report So Your Child Will Be Ready to Get Credit

Finally, the last reason to check your child’s 3 score credit report is so that you can ensure your child is ready to get credit when he or she needs it. When your child goes to college, there is a real possibility that student loans will be necessary since most kids require them. You want to make sure your child is able to qualify for the best rates, and you can help him or her to do that by ensuring that there is no information on a credit report that will have an adverse impact on the ability to borrow.

Fortunately, checking all three credit reports is easy with IDENTITY GUARD® Platinum. Visit Credit Report 123 today to learn more about how to obtain a 3 score credit report and make sure your child’s credit information is correct.

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